Do you wish to engage your audience with the help of education? At Invision Solutions, we master the art of developing custom trivia and quiz systems that can captivate and entertain your audience. From versatile question formats to interactive visuals and progress tracking, we develop the system as you need it.


Here are the some essential features of a trivia and quiz system;

Versatile Question Formats

Educate and entertain your audience with variety of question organized by topics such as history, science, sports, etc. The format include multiple-choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, and more.

Customizable Categories and Topics

Be in control of your trivia and quiz system by defining and customizing categories and topics to suit your content and target audience. Enhance your user experience by enabling users to make their own quizzes or trivia sets, choosing questions, topics, and difficulty levels.

Leaderboards and Competitions

Encourage your users to be engaged in a friendly competition by incorporating leaderboards. The feature allows users to compare scores and compete for top positions.

progress tracking and achievements

To boost your users’ confidence, we have included progress and achievements tracking. The feature allows a user to view completed quizzes, earn badges, and unlock achievements.

social sharing and challenges

We added social sharing feature to encourage social interaction and viral sharing. The feature enables the users to share quiz results and challenge friends. It also fosters a sense of community.

timed quizzes and difficulty levels

Our crafted trivia and quiz system has another unique feature. It has timed quizzes and adjustable difficulty levels feature to add an elements of excitement and challenge. This feature aims to help users learn new exciting things.

Grabbing audience’s attention is an art, and we, at Invision Solutions, master this art. Partner with us to craft a captivating trivia and quiz system.

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