We specialize in developing custom language preservation solutions that empower communities, organizations, and researchers to safeguard endangered languages and preserve cultural heritage. Our dedicated team of software developers and language experts collaborate closely with clients to create innovative tools tailored to their specific needs. With our deep understanding of language preservation challenges and cutting-edge technologies, we can design and deliver comprehensive solutions that unlock the full potential of language documentation, analysis, and revitalization.


Preserving Languages, Preserving Identity

Language Documentation

Comprehensive tools for recording and storing linguistic resources, including audio recordings, written texts, and contextual metadata.

Transcription and Analysis

Advanced functionalities for accurate representation of pronunciation, phonetics, grammar, and language structure, facilitating in-depth linguistic analysis.

Collaboration Platform

Interactive platforms that foster collaboration among linguists, community members, and language enthusiasts, promoting knowledge sharing and crowd contributions.

Language Learning Modules

Interactive modules for vocabulary building, grammar lessons, pronunciation guides, and engaging activities to facilitate language revitalization.

Translation and Localization Support

Integration of translation and localization features, allowing the translation of endangered language materials into widely spoken languages while preserving linguistic nuances.

Mobile and Web Applications

User-friendly applications providing seamless access to language preservation tools, enabling users to document, analyze, learn, and collaborate on the go.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Utilization of artificial intelligence technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning, to automate processes, improve accuracy, and enhance efficiency.

Data Security and Long-Term Preservation

Implementation of robust encryption protocols, backup mechanisms, and archival standards to ensure the security, integrity, and longevity of stored linguistic data.

If you are seeking to create a language preservation tool with an array of features to safeguard endangered languages and preserve cultural heritage, our team at Invision is ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to explore how our custom development services can help you develop a comprehensive language preservation solution aligned with your specific requirements and goals.

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