In this fast paced era, connecting with the right people still can be difficult. But with Invision Solutions as your partner, every problem will have a solution. Our experienced developers excel in creating instant connecting apps that can facilitate communication between users in real-time, often regardless of their geographical locations. Whether you need it for your social circle or business communications, you will be connected instantly.


Following are the features of instant connecting apps we developed;

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging feature enables people send text messages to others in real-time. Users can type out messages and send them instantly to individuals or groups. It has both tying and audio messaging options to make communication fun for users.

Voice Calls

The voice call feature now makes the calling free for users. From quick to long chit-chat, the instant connecting apps make sure you are always connected with the people you care for. The voice calls can be both one-on-one or in groups.

Video Calls

The instant connecting apps are able to make video calls feel like face-to-face conversations. Whether it’s a personal call or business related call, the feature makes sure people are closer than ever. It doesn’t let the users feel the distance.

Group Chats/Channels

Elevate team collaboration, socializing with friends and other discussions with instant apps. People can create or join group chats or channels where multiple users can communicate with each other simultaneously. The feature especially aims to improve business communication.

File Sharing

Sharing has become easy, quick, and efficient with instant connecting apps. Users can share various types of files including images, videos, documents, and audio recordings directly within the app. This feature is useful for sharing important information or multimedia content during conversations.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another feature that makes instant connecting apps useful. Users can share their screens with others during video calls. This is useful for presentations, demonstrations, or troubleshooting.

Need an instant connection solution for your business? Partner with Invision Solutions today to elevate your team collaboration. We excel in developing instant connecting app that can improve team and personal communication.

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