Enterprise Portal – A blend of unified, customized, and shared employee-user experience!

Invision Custom Solutions brings forth enterprise portal service that facilitates your business. To work in collaboration and share effectual business resources with potential associates, merchandisers and vendors for its expansion in the right direction.

A strategic approach like this not just makes our clients secure their ROI instantaneously but also helps them measure the impact of the end result. The enterprise portal by Invision Custom Solutions put together the information from diverse platforms, enhancing the communication and collaborating the information, procedure and techniques.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Development– Unique and Interactive User Experience!

Invision Custom Solutions prides itself in offering unparalleled rich internet applications development solutions. Rich Internet Applications or popularly known as RIAs are the next generation web application developments.Invision Custom Solutions strives to offer extensive and professional RIA development services. The in-house developers with years of experience provide unsurpassed rich internet application development solutions, web development services, rich internet applications flash and much more. The professional RIA services by the company helps the businesses proficiently communicate and put across their ideas and services to their prospective clients.

Business Applications – Delivering Business Value with Assured Qaulity!

Invision Customs Solutions since its conception strives to support and compliment your business and software requirements. No matter what your requirement is, whether a development proficiency, professional consultancy, valuable training, quality assurance experts or to block a resource gap, we are here with you for your help.
The competitive business applications developed by the professionals of Invision Custom Solutions for standard technology platforms are an artifact of the agile methodology. The valuable and technologically advanced tools, procedures and unparalleled practices simplify the development procedures and apply automation and accelerators that enhance the productivity and the quality of the business applications development.
The professional business applications developed have much lesser defects, need lesser rework and are pocket-friendly.

Technology Consulting – Expert Assistance for Superior Results!

With a team of experience and proficient experts, Invision Custom Solutions aims to deliver the best quality of service to all of its clients. It deals in providing technology consultation services that allows you to have a clear idea about the services you must avail in order to expand the outreach of your company.
With effective technology consulting, you can be sure about the different features that can be incorporated in your application. For a layman to understand the basics of all the new technological advancements that we add to our services, our experts ensure that you are acquainted with all the details meticulously. These internet apps are much quicker, less complicated and help you to be barred from regular page submits.
Our team helps you right through the theoretical phase of your requirement, and assists you to recognize and pick the perfect option to match each and every aspect on your list of needs in terms of accessibility and efficacy.

Opensource CRM Customization – Ultimate Destination for Better Customization of CRM

At Invision Custom Solutions, we understand that every business has its uniqueness and perfect quality is delivered in accordance with your work field.
Invision provides the best service for CRM configuration through its consulting services that deal in application implementation, customization and integration. In order to set up an effective CRM for your business, you would need an extremely proficient customization expert to configure your CRM software. This is the job that Invision Solutions is best for.
We deal in customization on various CRM systems and also work dexterously in the fields including:
a) Setup and configuration
b) Implementation
c) Creating new modules
d) Creating new reports
e) Integration with 3rd Party extensions

Content Management System – Advanced interactive tool to manage the content

Invision Custom Solutions offers the most excellent services related to CMS based application. The simple-to-use tools can be utilized easily to upload unique and interactive content whenever you wish without any technical knowledge or experience in HTML.
In fact, when it comes to specific audience, you can present a better quality of content in order to create a different portal which can be accessed by other users safely.
Along with delivering the most interactive and user-friendly solutions, we also offer the most efficient features in terms of the price. The solutions are extremely handy and well-designed which also considers the pocket-friendly aspect.

Open Source Module &
Component Development – User-Friendly Plugins& Extensions!M

Open source or free software is a widely accepted & free licensed software that is different from other sources that come with different rights.
Invision Custom Solutions provides modules, plugins and extensions for all kinds of open source software. Modular makes it more flexible and one of the greatest advantages of these platforms. If you believe in frequent changes and want to add functionality in your website then you are in a right place.
We have intense team of professionals who are capable to develop every module for your applications and websites. We develop highly functional and comprehensible modules that any non-technical user can use it effortlessly.
What we are best at
• Custom WordPressPlugin
• Custom Magento Module and extension
• Custom Joomala Components
• Custom Blocks with Drupal
• Mozilla Firefox Add-ons and extension
• Develop extensions for Safari
• Google Chrome plugin development