Custom Software Development

ERP Development – Effective and efficient ERP Solution

Effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is essential for the effortless execution of a business corporation embracing all the portfolios.
At Invision Custom Solutions, we provide our customers and clients, the solutions for accessing liberty to manage their company data from every perspective of business including product planning, inventory management, marketing, sales, shipping and trading management.
We help our clients develop ERP which operates in real time without relying on periodic updates and covers normal functional areas of the company including financial and management accounting, human resources, project management, customer relationship management and many more.

Customized Client/Server Applications – Providing a wide variety of solutions for client/server based applications.

Client/server applications a distributed computing model are very useful in today’s world and this method has been incorporated by majority of companies.
Invisions custom solutions can act as an integral component for client/server environments. We provide effective customer client/server applications solutions with latest technology in order to reduce cost and increase productivity. With team of IT professionals the processes we carry out for customization of client/server applications including custom-field services with mobile thick and thin interfaces, utilities server applications for wireless remote control of OEM field devices, server based applications for automated data analysis processes, web integration of combined PC and handled applications and securing web portal interface to existing routing/securing systems.

Back office applications – Solutions for back office applications for smooth running of company

Invisions solution helps you create software applications for the processes of back office applications. This software helps you to perform in-office tasks and processes like management of products, fuel, inventory, employees and network security.
We provide solutions which provide help to company’s higher officials to focus on issues that need immediate attention and in order to improve their efficiency, enhance all store operations, and supply effective customer services. We offer back office applications for large and medium sized companies around the world. With the help of highly trained and skillful teams, we provide all essential back office functions like data entry and payment processing, are error free and complete before deadline.

Business Intelligence Modules – Effective Modules To Improve Your Company’s Business Intelligence

Business intelligence defines the process of gathering huge amount of data in order to get insights that build the foundation of tactical and strategic business decisions.
Invision custom solutions are potent in providing BI modules which let you operate various analysis tools and real-time notification functionality to help you manage your business better. These operations further result in increased productivity, reduced costs, improved revenue rates and higher customer satisfaction. We provide you with a variety of tools like crystal reports, business object analysis, business object web intelligence and many more to carry out functions like dashboard and visualization, reporting, intuitive discovery and advanced predictive analytics capabilities along with data analysis with load, extract and transform functionality.

Reporting Suits – Analytical Data on Finger Tips

Whether it’s a company or an organization, it always needs to generate a lot of reports in order to maintain in depth analysis and data modules about the company’s growth cycle.
Invision Solutions expertise in developing and implicating various reporting applications which are easy to use and operate, providing a helping hand to the organization’s business analysis while doing the process of reporting at a faster rate. We develop reporting engines which can be easily be incorporated in the applications and can be used to design or create reports from various data sources. We provide tools for open source reporting that enables the creation of relational and analytical reports from a wide range of in depth data resources.

Cross Platform App Development – Cross Platform Custom Mobile Applications

With extremely talented and dynamic management, engineering and development teams, Invision Custom Solutions is the only hub where various mobile software providers can avail verified, excellent software design and developments expertise at the most astonishingly competitive prices. We house the most artistic and capable management squads who hold the knack to provide superior cross-platform mobile application development services that cover all the platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian Platforms.
Prior to undergoing the mobile apps development process, we first begin the procedure by consulting you to grab full knowledge about your business venture. Once we have a clear picture about the right solution that matches your requirements, we begin with the development of a business-centric custom mobile application. With a combination of our experience and knowledge along with the in-depth research of your domain, we ensure that we deliver what we promise to give you effective results.