Rax MedsCheck

This Android based tablet app allows pharmacist to perform MedsCheck and complete all information. All required patients are synced directly to your tablet for easy viewing and printed together with your report. The comments section allows pharmacist to review previous MedsCheck; speeding up the process of subsequent MedsCheck for that specific patient.
Feature includes:
• Integrated with pharmacy software KROLL
• Web service to push and pull data from MS SQL Server
• Maintain offline database in Sqllite
• 30+ activities
• 6 templates for data input, each template has 5-8 screens
• Dynamic reporting filters
• Comprehensive reporting
• Email, Print, Fax from the app
• Create and manage groups
• Dashboard and pending task reminders
• Digital Signature
• Android sdk
• MS SQL Server
• Sqllite
• Web Service (API)
• Integration with Kroll