PSW Nurse Hotlist

PSW Nurse Hotlist is an Android based app for communication between Personal Support Workers and Nurses in any hospital or long term care facility.
This notification based event driven secure messaging, and care team collaboration solution provides the ability to deliver contextual information that allows nurses to immediately determine the most appropriate response to each notification, no matter where they are located. Each notification is categorized based on its priority hence the nurse can respond immediately on high priority notifications.
Benefits of PSW Nurse Hotlist:
• Decreases Crisis Escalation
• Notifies the Most Appropriate Clinician
• Enhances User Experience
• Improves Patient Monitoring
• Complies patient wise notification data for Analysis

Feature includes:
• Integrated with pharmacy software KROLL
• Web service to push and pull data from MS SQL Server
• Maintain offline database in Sqllite
• Color coded priority based reports
• Team collaboration
• Dashboard and Todo list
• Filter based searching
• Android sdk
• MS SQL Server
• Sqllite
• Web Service (API)
• Integration with Kroll